Verónica Bapé

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My artistic production has several lines of work, but in general they all converge on the theme of folklore. I am interested in the concept of folklore because through its various manifestations I can understand the political, economic, social, spiritual, mental and religious contexts of certain social groups. The folklore has endured. And it continues to produce mixtures with the new generations, constantly resignifying its own structures.

My motivation is in the local stories, beliefs or cultural practices, which range from the normal to the paranormal and which in turn continue to shape the collective consciousness that I find reflected in our current everyday reality.


Born in Mexico City. Lives in Rouen, France.

Verónica Bapé studied the Bachelor in the National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving ENPEG “La Esmeralda” (2003 – 2007 Mexico City).

She has participated in individual and collective, national and international exhibitions such as “Ghost of concrete” (FERAL, Mexico City, 2015); “Pararrayos” (Embassy of Mexico in Germany, Berlin, 2015); “Filtros”, curated by Christian Barragán (DIAGRAMA, Mexico City, 2015); “Powder. Spectral Version “(Art Museum of Sonora, Hermosillo, Sonora 2014); “Powder” (Video and Audio Cabinet, Carrillo Gil Art Museum, Mexico City, 2014); “UP /DOWN / CHARM / STRANGE / TOP / BOTTOM” (Petite Mort Gallery, Ottawa, Canada, 2014); "If you can see me, I can see you" (La Trampa Gráfica Contemporánea, Mexico City, 2013); “The space between” (Manheim, Germany, 2013); “Traveler on the sea of fog” (Proyecto TRASLADOS, Action 10, Oaxaca, Mexico, 2012) and “Thoughts on the landscape”(Tal Cual Gallery, Mexico City, 2010).

She has collaborated for Ex Molino: Editorial Workshop in the publication Elegies and Poems, Marceline Desbordes - Valmore, and for the publishing house ALIAS in the publication Fields of action: between performance and object, 1949-1979, her work has been published in the journals Nomastique and Footnote.
Her work had Honorable Mention in the Joaquin Clausell Biennial of Painting in 2017, in 2016 she received a Honorable Mention in the discipline of painting in the 10th National Painting Biennial Alfredo Zalce, in 2014 he received an Acquisition Prize in the 1st International Biennial of Borders (Tamaulipas, Mexico).During 2015, she held a Production Residence at the Bilbao Arte Foundation (Bilbao, Spain).
Her work was part of the XVIII Tamayo Biennial, she also held an artistic residency at the Nordic Artist’s Center Dale, Norway, in October-December, 2019.