Verónica Bapé

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Work done during a three months residency at the Nordic Kunstnarsenter, in Norway, 2019.


I found in the sea of Dale I Sunnfjord the perfect link to my culture and the locality. Waters are so dark that can reflect the sky and mountains around, so it remembered me to the obsidian mirror of Tezcatlipoca. I start working between history, identities, mexican and nordic culture and landscape.
In the process I also experienced the change of seasons, from autumn to winter in a very dramatically way, passing through the green nature turning to white, that event made me understand matters about age, life, introspection and the importance of nature and environment.


Tezcatlipoca became human in a distant land. He reflect himself in a deep mirror of water,
Then he cried because of autumn, he cried because of winter, he cried about getting old, like nature through seasons.



Fungus & Tezcatlipoca


Winter will come

Mixing materials





Knives and syncretism

Wolf leyends


Secret messages

Secret messages

This was my studio at NKD

Water- mirror