Verónica Bapé

Copyright Verónica Bapé 2021

Filtros, 2015
Bi-personal exhibition
Diagrama Gallery
Mexico City
Photo credit: Andrea Martínez

Curated by Christian Barragán

Filters is the title of a group of work interested in the design of the work of art, leaving uncovered the structures, contexts and lexicons that make it up from the reflections that Verónica Bapé has made about the plane and the color in the formal and conceptual constitution of painting. In this exhibition the notion of “filter” appears as a horizon that you can submit to the work of art in conflict with itself, questioning its material, semantic and historical constitution.

*All works shown are from artist Verónica Bapé


Blue & red


Exhibition view


Fracture II

Fracture I

About a color and a portrait