Verónica Bapé

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MAMU, Ghost, 2015
Work done during a six months residency at Bilbao, Spain
All work supported by BilbaoArte

The research was generated around the theme of death and the situations, facts or beliefs that exist around it, such as objects linked to the protection or transcendence of the soul. My interest was to find the preserved folklore in the town of Bilbao or in parts of the Basque country. The project maintains relationships between language, symbolism, beliefs and ancient funeral practices and is a set between various disciplines such as painting, sculpture and the object.

Argizaiola basque

Municipal Cemetery of Bilbao

The eye of God to protect the ship from sinking

Studio and exhibition at Bilbao Arte

Exhibition view

Spirits of other lands


An offering to Rome

Mysterius languages

Folding death culture

Superstitions of the sea

Reminiscences of Rome

House, fire and grave

Superstitions of the sea

Reminiscences of Rome