Verónica Bapé

Copyright Verónica Bapé 2021

Part of the origin of the ancient beliefs of my country —Mexico— is found in animism. Natural elements such as mountains, sun, stones, earth, water or wind are also living beings, which are superior to human beings. Nevertheless they can, just like humans, be benevolent, capricious or angry.
For my project, I draw on the ancient beliefs of my country to develop my own story about Joan of Arc and the voices. I also intend to rely on the ornamental elements that we use in my country during certain festivities and which have to do with the wind element, such as the decorative flags of papel picado (cut paper ). These will be combined with my personal interpretation and pre-existing images of Joan of Arc.
The proposal consists in developing and showing a heterogeneous work where I insist on syncretism, both in the concepts and in the visual elements. This work seeks to recreate my imagination using the information that already exists about Joan of Arc and the voices with ornamental and/or artisanal elements from the central zone of Mexico. What interests me is that the pieces refer to elements that can be found in the city of Rouen, for example objects from the permanent collection of the Joan of Arc Memorial.ébaja.jpg